Starbucks UK Shooters meet

Starbucks with the UK Shooters

One of these Thursdays I went for coffee at Starbucks with the UK shooters. Left work early and headed to Marble Arch with Jenny. It is quite cool to work with someone who also enjoys photography and attending these events.

This one was very different from the usual meetups. There were only 25 tickets available.

On arrival we were greeted by Mike and Luke. They checked our tickets, confirmed our Instagram handles and told us to go grab some free coffee. We did get some delicious Starbucks coffee and bought food too as we were hungry.

To start the event there was a session of Q&A’s with the UK Shooters team. This was great! Such a cool insight of the business side of things and how they started doing photography as a job. It was super nice to sit down and listen to them.

Once this was over we started shooting. There were only two models but that was not an issue as they were incredible.

It was good to not shoot non-stop and actually take breaks to chat. At the bigger meets you don’t usually get the chance to chat to the team as they are mad busy running around ensuring all is going well. As this was a smaller meetup they actually had the time to stop and chat to everyone. It’s very refreshing when people are not afraid to share their “secrets” and you get to learn from each other. I really enjoyed the conversations that evening.

Of course I am sharing some shots from the evening with you! In these you can see Nik and Georgia.

And the behind the scenes.

Massive thanks to the UK Shooters‘ guys for hosting another amazing event! To Starbucks, thanks for the free coffee and such a cool space to shoot.

In the featured photo Nikola Trifunovic

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