Numbers on Social Media

This one is quite a big topic. I feel like nowadays so many people are obsessing over the numbers on social media. So many of us have an unhealthy relationship with these numbers. It can easily take over a big part of your life. And you don’t even realise it.

I waste time checking my numbers on social media way too often. Thinking of ways to improve my numbers. Trying to fiddle with the algorithm.

Even got into engagement groups! Pointlessly interacting with content I didn’t really like. The good thing was that it made me get closer to a few good people. But in the end I didn’t enjoy it and found it too “fake” so stopped doing it.

Recently I saw that Instagram is changing how your “numbers” show in your profile to make it less of a big deal. This made me think, what if we could not see everyone else’s numbers? What if we were only competing with ourselves on social media?

In my opinion this would make it a better place.

Probably a bad business move for social media companies but it would be interesting to focus on quality interactions and content instead of competing for numbers.

I ran a poll on Instagram stories on this subject and this was the result. Quite interesting that it was almost a 50/50 split. This subject has been discussed by celebrities too.

If you want to check the article above click here.

The least that social media companies could do is to give us the option to not show our numbers to everyone else. And if you chose to do it you wouldn’t be able to see everyone else’s numbers either. This would mean that you could focus on enjoying the experience of sharing whatever you wanted to share instead of spending your energy in this never-ending competition.

What is your opinion on this? Would you like to have the option to not know the numbers?

Featured photo from Pexels by Black ice

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