theportraitmission meetup in Holland Park

Holland Park Meetup

Even though the weather is starting to be a little tricky to deal with The Portrait Mission guys organised a park meetup this weekend. Luckily the day woke up beautifully sunny and not too chilly. Perfect for outdoor shooting.

A few of the models didn’t show up, which is unfortunately not that uncommon. But the ones who did were absolute stars. There were also a few surprise appearances which were really nice.

Honestly the photographer to models ratio was really good so some models not showing up wasn’t really an issue.

The route this time was nicely planned and there were some really cool free stickers for everyone to wear. These guys have come a long way since their last meetup.

As per usual here are some behind the scenes from the day.

In this gallery you can spot Filipe, Inviduals, Frans, Kate, Dhruv, Matt, Eljay and Mo. All these shots had zero retouching, just used the brightness and highlights/shadows adjustments in Lightroom.

Out of their control was the heavy rain that took us by surprise mid-shoot. Unfortunately at this point we had to stop shooting. Thankfully I had already taken some nice shots by then.

Some of my favourites from the day.

In this gallery the amazing models, InvidualsEljaySoph and Frans. All shots retouched in Photoshop.

Once the meetup was aborted everyone headed to the pub. Unfortunately the local pubs were packed so most people decided to head to another part of town. I wasn’t feeling like going too far so ended up going for coffee in the area with another photographer before heading back home.

Big thank you to the team for organising a great meetup and to the models for being amazing.

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