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Don’t take your Health for granted

To be fair I have been pretty lucky with my health. At least up to three years or so ago. I saw close friends struggle way earlier than me with different health issues. Despite that I never really appreciated my health that much back then. Silly me. I know.

These days as I suffer from Carpal tunnel syndrome I am again aware of how fragile our health can be. It does limit me a little bit as certain activities make my lower arms and wrists hurt. I am blessed with a high tolerance to pain so I am able to live without daily painkillers. But it is stopping me from doing all the things I love whenever I want to.

Typing can by painful, so is editing photos, using my phone or clicking away on any mouse. At one point even stirring the coffee was painful! Using my camera is not the worst but I also need to be careful to not overdo it.

Last year I had tennis elbow. That was pretty bad too. At one point I couldn’t even wash my hair or brush it properly. Luckily I had two weeks’ holiday in Portugal. There I managed to see a specialist and rest a lot. That time NHS didn’t help at all and the recovery was super long.

A desk job does not help with preventing/recovering from all these things. I feel that spending the whole day sitting in front of a computer is not helping my health at all.

Hopefully I will be able to make some changes in the near future to help me in looking after myself. Even if it means compromising other things.

On top of my limbs failing on me I am still prone to getting throat infections. Yes, I had my tonsils removed but it doesn’t mean I am good for life when it comes to throat issues. They’re just not as frequent.

Saying all this, if you are healthy be grateful! And look after yourself.

Back when I had no health problems I used to think I would never need surgery or would have to deal with any major health problems. Unfortunately everyone can be affected by poor health. Turns out I am no exception. Damn.

If you are currently dealing with any health issues, be strong and try to not let it take over who you are. I really dislike when people write their chronic illness in their social media profile. Like that defines them! It is fine to speak out so people know that they are not alone in their pain but your illness is not who you are. Or it shouldn’t be.

At times I cry as things get a little scary or too painful. That is OK but don’t let it last more than a few minutes.

When things get tough I try to remind myself of how I thought I was likely to die after my tonsillectomy. But I didn’t! I enjoyed the high after the operation and came home after a good meal at the hospital. Even danced on my way home in the car. Recovery wasn’t easy but it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be.

Don’t take your health for granted! Go do the things you love while you can 🙂

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