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This Blog is not for Sale

It’s true, this blog is not for sale (or at least not on sale). Might have touched on this subject before but I wanted to write a little bit more on this.

Recently I received an email asking how much I would charge for having a link in one of my posts. This was the first time someone offered me money to use my blog.

At first I was quite excited about it. Even if a little apprehensive. The offer was flattering.

A few emails were exchanged as I enquired exactly what was being proposed. I wanted to ensure that whatever it was it did not conflict with the usual content of the blog.

As I got asked what my price was I felt clueless. Honestly had never thought about it. So I did what everyone does these days in such situations. I Googled it!

Quickly I reached a figure. It seemed a little high to me but I went with it. At the end of the day I was going to be the one writing the post and plugging some travel website in it. Even if I didn’t have to write about them specifically I was still going to invest my time in writing a blog post.

Turned out that the number I proposed was outside of their budget. In this last email I was offered a specific (much lower) amount.

To be transparent with you I seriously considered taking it. But at the same time I thought that once I start making money from the blog I need to look into the taxes situation. The truth is that at the moment I just can’t be bothered with learning all of that for such a small amount.

So until a very good offer comes along this blog is officially not for sale.

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