Planning a Paid Shoot

This one is for those people who think most photographers charge too much. And of course for anyone curious about the process of planning a paid shoot.

In this post I will only be talking about a simple one person shoot for portfolio or social media. Not a wedding or any other event shoot.

Once I get an enquiry about doing a shoot I check that what the person wants is within my capabilities. Also that they are in the same area as me or willing to travel. If all is fine I will then tell them my rates and wait.

Once the customer gives the go ahead I try to find out what the photos are for, what is the mood, the desired location and agree on a date and time to meet.

With that out-of-the-way I start planning the location by going there prior to the shoot or just by using street view on Google maps. I will let the customer know the route and the exact meeting point.

After location scouting I gather some posing ideas on a Pinterest board in case the model needs some inspiration on the day.

Before the day I make sure my camera is ready with a fully charged battery and a memory card in it and on the day I try to arrive a little earlier to ensure nothing is delayed.

In reality when you book a one hour shoot the photographer has spent way over that hour to make the shoot happen.

There are countless minutes spent communicating with the customer, location scouting, gathering ideas on Pinterest and travelling to and from the location.

Not to talk about what happens once the shoot is done. For that check out my workflow post.

Hopefully this gives you a good insight on what goes on before a shoot.

Thank you to everyone that has booked me so far and appreciates all the work I put in to deliver some good shots.

In the featured photo, the amazing Reo.

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