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Moving back to Portugal?

This is a question I get asked from time to time. People initially struggle to understand why I would rather live in gloomy London than in sunny Portugal.

Not even going to lie. I ask myself that question too sometimes.

Then I remind myself of all the reasons that made me move to London. And more importantly why I had to leave Portugal.

At the time I was paying half of a cheap rent as I was living at my mum’s “second” house near Lisbon. This meant we couldn’t really call it our house and would occasionally share it with my mum.

Not an ideal situation but it was a good arrangement and it helped us start a life together.

Even though the expenses were way lower than normal we were spending more than what we were earning every month. Bear in mind that we both had jobs paying a little over the minimum wage.

Looking at all of that I honestly could not see a future where we would be able to be independent from our parents.

Nowadays every time I think about moving back to Portugal I am scared of going back to not being financially independent. That’s definitely something I don’t want to go back to.

On top of that I am too used to the UK work ethic/environment. Imagine being frowned upon for leaving work on time! Yes that’s a thing that happens in Portugal. Also I don’t remember ever being thanked for my work back then.

Lastly and along the same subject the cost of living is ridiculous. Check out my post where I give you a run down on cost of living of London vs Lisbon.

For now l will be moving back to Portugal just for a week or two at a time a.k.a. holidays!

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