Halloween UK Shooters Meetup 2018

Halloween Meetup in London

It’s Halloween and this date is taken seriously in London. Last weekend the UK.shooters organised a massive Halloween meetup in London and I could not have missed this one. Even though 200 tickets were gone in 5 minutes I managed to get mine.

The make-up artists were unbelievably good and the models super stars as usual.

In order of appearance: Juliet, Shio, Anna, Endija, Paula, Samantha, Ella, Karolina and Deanna.

Here are some behind the scenes of the evening. From models “being shot”, a candid moment with Shio, leftovers from the march against Brexit, a photographer directing a model and light painting shot without a tripod.

Also some special “guests” of that evening, a newly wedded couple.

I had an amazing time shooting with a cool bunch of people and I cannot fault the organisation! These guys (UK.shooters) are the OGs of the London meetups and they always deliver.

In the featured photo Anna Grasmane and Endija Kitsune.

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