Catarina at Ericeira Photography Challenge

Ericeira Photography Challenge

In this post I am telling you all about my first photography challenge. I had been wanting to do a shoot in Portugal but honestly couldn’t be bothered to organise one. Luckily while in Portugal I got a DM from a Portuguese photographer and was challenged to go out to shoot a model along with other three photographers.

As I was staying at my mum’s house in Ericeira the challenge took place within walking distance from the house.

It was the first time I was meeting everyone. We shot four locations and four outfits. The model was an absolute star powering through over three hours of shooting and the very cool evening breeze of Ericeira.

The first location picked by me for this photography challenge was the beach. Some of us even got a little wet just to get “the shot”!

For the second location we took over a fisherman’s boat that was at a nearby beach. The red dress was a great choice for this location as it contrasted perfectly with the blue boat.

As we were looking for a third location we came across a tractor and ended up shooting with it. It was a very different scenario from the ones I am used to shoot in London. We all had so much fun with this one.

Lastly we stopped to shoot in front of a well-known club in Ericeira that always has the walls painted. The tourists were loving to watch us shoot as the model laid on the floor for some of the shots. There we used fairy lights provided by the bar opposite the club and when it got dark the owner switched on the outside lights just for us.

It was a very fun evening and everyone got some really good shots.

Catarina, the model, did an amazing job. Even though she had very little experience modelling she was brilliant throughout the entire shoot.

Afterwards we ran four Instagram polls to pick the best shot for each location and funnily enough each photographer won one round. We received 1147 votes in total and I was the overall winner with 399 votes. Considering I was shooting in a totally new environment I was super pleased with the results. Even though there were no prizes we really enjoyed running this competition on Instagram.

Big thank you to all the participants and to the model for going all the way to Ericeira to meet me and shoot. Lourenco, Joao, Joana and Catarina.

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