Valeria at the GOB meetup in Hampstead

Autumn Meetup in Hampstead

Last weekend I attended another meetup. This time in Hampstead, one of my favourite places. I would definitely live in that area, if only I could afford it!

It was my first one organised by the lovely guys at The Greatest of Britain Instagram page. They definitely get bonus points for not making me walk around to shoot in a thousand different locations!

Before we got started I met up with a fellow photographer and friend for lunch. With a belly full of sushi we headed to the Hill Garden and Pergola to meet with everyone else.

Soon we got shooting with some cool models and tons of other photographers.

I felt a little bad for the private shoots we disturbed while doing our thing in this idyllic London location. Guess they had bad luck booking it for the day of the meetup.

Here are a few retouched shots taken on the day.

In this gallery Freya, Liv and Valeria.

After a while shooting at the first location we walked to a little alley closer to the Hampstead tube station. The locals were super curious about the crowd that quickly gathered in the area and would occasionally ask questions. Some even posed for a group shot!

The weather was gorgeous and I had a good time shooting in great company. Thank you to  The Greatest of Britain guys for organising such a cool event and to all the models for coming along.

In the featured photo the model Valeria Chelee.

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