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The End of an Era

So… tomorrow is your last day at work and honestly I don’t think I am ready to not have you around every day.

I’ve been a little grumpy this week. You know this. Maybe it’s not just because of that one reason we talked about. Guess that the fact that you’re leaving is probably not helping.

Thankfully I’ll have two weeks in Portugal soon so I can just pretend you didn’t go anywhere for a little longer.

Thinking of how much you annoyed me when we met just makes me laugh now.

We have told this story a couple of times (maybe more) of how you wouldn’t stop talking. Of how much I just tried to ignore you. I was so busy with work at that time. Really couldn’t be bothered to make an effort to get to know you.

But at some point I started to like you. Still not sure when.

And suddenly, totally out of the blue, we became best friends!

We shared stories, real life issues, got through mood swings, had the most random conversations, gave advice to each other, listened to podcasts, got drunk together and made each other lives a little better.

I’d go as far as saying that you have made me a better person (just a little better).

You always make an effort with people and you’re always so kind to everyone. I feel super lucky to have you in my life!

Even if you can’t multi-task. I know to wait until you finish typing a message before I can start talking. And if you’re not listening you’ll ask me to repeat. I find that adorable and quite funny. Your memory isn’t the best either but you do remember the things that matter.

I know we’ll still see each other and we’ll keep in touch but I felt the need to write a soppy blog post about you leaving work. You know I get all emotional about these things.

You will go on to do better things and I’m so proud.

Thank you for always supporting me and for listening! Love you x

Side note: This post was written in the beginning of September. As I said I didn’t take a break from writing, just from posting on the blog.

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