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Not a break from Writing

This blog was on a break while I was away on holidays in Portugal. You know this if you’ve been coming here for a while.

Even though you haven’t seen new posts up here I haven’t really stopped writing.

It was good taking a break as not having to post on a schedule actually reminded me of how much I really enjoy writing. I find writing quite therapeutic.

If something is bothering me I’ll let it out by writing about it. Therefore a few ranty posts. If something is making me feel emotional I will try to translate it into words. When I find things interesting I lay my thoughts into words. It’s like an internal discussion. I also like to document what I get up to and share the pictures whenever I take some.

My writing is a little all over the place but that’s just who I am.

A big thank you to all of you that keep coming back to read the blog. I really appreciate you!

By the way the holidays are sadly over so this blog will now resume the usual posting schedule. Please come back every Wednesday and Sunday evening for a brand new post.

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