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Saying No

Before I started writing this blog in English, around Summer 2017, I was not keen to leave my comfort zone and try new things. As a result I often said “no” to people who dared to ask me to do stuff I was not comfortable with. Honestly I was very happy in my little bubble and did not want to burst it and get out there.

Saying all this it meant I didn’t have a lot to write about for the blog and sometimes I found myself being a little bored. This made me make a conscious effort to start saying “yes” more often. I changed my mindset and soon I was saying “yes” to things that really made me feel uncomfortable.

Even though it made me anxious and so nervous at times I am super glad I got out there. If not for that I wouldn’t have started doing portraits and would have not rekindled my love for Photoshop. I would have also not met some really cool people.

Now, a year or so after I have decided to start saying “yes” I am facing another problem. I am having trouble saying “no”.

When you stick to being in your bubble people will usually just leave you alone and it will be rare that you are asked to do things with them. That means you don’t have to say “no” a lot and when you say it people already expect it anyway so it makes it easier.

At the moment I feel that my bubble is gone and everyone expects a “yes” from me.

The world outside of my old little bubble is full of opportunities and new experiences but I still need my time alone. I need at least one day a week to do whatever I feel like by myself without having anyone counting on me. Sometimes I need a whole weekend. I need that space. Also not getting any younger so rest is essential for my body and mind to work half-decently.

I have had people getting upset with me for saying no. That doesn’t help, it makes me feel bad and anxious. If someone is saying no please don’t take it personally. It is not always about you.

Saying all this I will make an effort to keep more time to myself. I will try to be a little more selfish again. Sorry in advance for any feelings I might hurt in the process.

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