Rainy Meetup

It rained pretty much all day. This is not the kind of weather you want when you are shooting outside. Unless you have the right equipment and clothes and are looking to take advantage of the puddles for reflection purposes. Or any other cool effects you know rain related.

To be honest I wasn’t keen to leave the house in that ugly weather. But for mysterious reasons I did. I picked my camera, an umbrella and left.

I was surprised by how many people showed up considering the weather.

Thankfully the locations were mostly covered from the rain so we didn’t have to get wet. Unfortunately this meant the light conditions were far from ideal to shoot. Also I didn’t feel particularly inspired by any of the two or three locations we shot in.

Seeing familiar faces was super nice and as I wasn’t really keen to shoot I spent more time chatting than shooting.

This meetup was organised a little differently from all the ones I have attended so far. There were almost as many models as photographers. I believe this was an attempt to have enough models on the day as other meetups have previously struggled with models cancelling last-minute (typical of models) and end up having just a few models for too many photographers.

While I understand the intention I don’t think having that many models is great. The quality of the models ends up not being the best as there is no selection and everyone is welcome as a model. While I think this is nice and very inclusive, I personally think this isn’t great for the models or the photographers. Surely most models will end up not having many shots of them as the photographers had too many people to shoot. For photographers we might end up not shooting with everyone we’d have liked to shoot with.

Even though I am being a little critical here I appreciate the effort from Taleb. He seems to be a great guy with the best of intentions and he pulled off a meetup in less than ideal weather conditions. So congrats for making it happen!

Here are some retouched shots from this rainy meetup. With Victoria and Emi.

And as per usual some behind the scenes’ shots. In order of appearance Anna, Victoria, unknown model, Praza, Marina, Mo, unknown photographer, Rashida, Filipe (in the right corner of the group shot) and the model in the last shot is Emi.

As a side note. I notice a few photographers getting a little touchy about people shooting the “same shot” as them. Being in a meetup this is something you will have to deal with. Personally I couldn’t care less if someone is getting the same angle/pose as me. And I am more than happy to share my knowledge with anyone else attending.

The reason I go to meetups is to practice and to connect and learn from other creatives. Not to get “unique” shots. Those I get when I collab with models on a one-to-one basis.

Rant over! 🙂

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