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I’m done with Messaging

Messaging is something I quite enjoyed doing. I used to be one of those people who responds almost immediately. One of those people who gets upset when people take too long to respond.

Now I finally get that not everyone is glued to their phone waiting for the next message. I’m trying to not be that person anymore. Sometimes it stresses me out getting a message while I’m doing something else as I often feel the need to respond immediately. And it ends up interrupting whatever I’m doing. This isn’t great, specially if I am in the process of writing a blog post, editing a photo or mid conversation with someone else.

To curb this behaviour I’m now muting most of the messaging apps on my phone. This means I might become that annoying person that takes forever to respond to messages or even forgets to do so.

I’m going to make an effort to check my messages only when I have free time. There will be messages from my mum asking if I am alive after not responding within 10 or 15 minutes but I can’t be connected all the time.

Not sure why or when exactly I changed the way I feel about messaging but it happened.

It is interesting that before mobile phones (yes I was alive back then) we only had online chat rooms for messaging purposes.

With these you had to be at home or at an internet café to have access to messaging. This time was intentional and you were not multitasking. My brain was fully concentrated on the messaging that was going on and I fully enjoyed that time.

The big difference is that now my messaging tool is switched on 24/7. My attention is constantly being diverted to the notifications on my phone. I don’t think that is healthy.

Realistically most messages are not emergencies and can wait. But for some reason I always feel that I have to respond quickly. If there is an actual emergency I’m sure I’ll get a call and there’s a high chance I will be by my phone and actually pick it up.

If there is no emergency I am sure whatever it is can wait until I look at my phone with the intention of getting back to messages. What is your relationship with messaging?

Featured image by Carlos R from Pexels

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