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Is it your place to tell?

Let me start by saying that I am into podcasts. I can listen to them while at work and it helps me focus by blocking external distractions and the office noise. They can be entertaining and sometimes educational.

At the end of this post I will share my favourite podcasts with you.

Now let’s get to the subject of this post. One of the podcasts I used to listen to had a Q&A bit where a listener asked a relationship related question.

The 18-year-old listener explains he is in a casual relationship with a 25-year-old man and recently found out that said man is in a stable serious relationship with a woman. He goes on to say how guilty he feels for being in such situation but is not really interested in stopping seeing him. All that said he proceeds to ask the hosts of the podcast (a couple in their late 20s) if he should tell the man’s girlfriend about their relationship.

In my opinion he should not even be questioning this but as he is only 18 years’ old I’ll cut him some slack.

After laughing about the whole story the hosts proceed to tell how he should go about telling the woman about her partner’s sexual adventures. Email being the suggested method. Even mentioned how he must get proof of their relationship by saving screenshots of their conversations so she believes him!

Do you think this is the right thing to do?

Personally I think this is reckless advice. If you are caught in a situation/relationship you are not happy with just remove yourself from it. It is not your place to get involved in someone else’s relationship. It is not up to you to tell or not tell.

What is your opinion? What advice would you give?

In case you want to listen to the whole thing search for “A Couple of Issues” (episode 11, minute 36) on your chosen podcasts’ app.

If you’re looking for some new podcasts to listen to here are some of my favourites:
Couples Therapy is an intense podcast about an intense relationship. Candice and Casey Neistat are the hosts. This one is my all time favourite! Just listen to it.
I’m Sorry Dad with Ry Doon and Brandon Calvillo can be hilarious.
The Hook Up is an Australian based educational podcast on relationship and sex health related issues. Very informative podcast.
Views is the David Dobrik and Jason Nash show where they just talk about random things that go on in their lives and it gives you an insight of the life behind their crazy YouTube videos.

Featured photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels. 

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