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Our anniversary didn’t go as planned

This year we stayed in London for our anniversary and the plan was to just go out for a nice dinner. Not much went as planned…

I plan holidays all the time so planning a dinner should be super easy.

Oh well. Somehow I managed to mess it up!

After a lot of research on London restaurants with an outdoor seating area (it’s currently hot in London) I was set on DoubleTree by Hilton SkyLounge. They didn’t accept bookings so the plan was to head there early to avoid disappointment.

After saving the location on Google Maps and a few other alternatives in that area just in case the restaurant had no tables available I had it all sorted.

On the day we headed to Canary Wharf straight after work. Once we get to the Hilton I realise that’s not the right one! The pinned location is a 15 minute walk and a quick boat ride away.

Not the end of the World really.

Once we reached the pinned location we soon realised that there is no way that the place has a rooftop restaurant on the 12th floor because there is no 12th floor!

At this point I am certain that I got the location completely wrong and find out that the rooftop restaurant is actually in Tower of London not in Canary Wharf.

Who knew that there were so many hotels with the same name in London?

A little hungry we get the boat back to the other side and head to Big Easy as our plan B. The waiting time was at least 1 hour and the waitress was not the nicest person so we gave up on plan B.

Even though things were not going according to plan we were in good spirits.

Just under the Big Easy there are a few restaurants and after checking reviews on Google and a little discussion we decided on Ippudo, a Japanese restaurant (with no sushi).

The waiter was Portuguese and super nice, the food was delicious, the beer was cold and the company was the best.

We ended up having a really good time for our anniversary.

Moral of the story: Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s OK 🙂

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