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Money and Blogging

This is not a subject I’ve come across in other blogs yet. At least not one presented in a completely transparent way to the reader.

Funnily enough money is still quite a taboo subject for many people.

I have only been spending money directly on my blog since last year. Prior to that I used a free platform for blogging and didn’t invest as much time in composing the posts as I do now.

If you are taking blogging seriously there are basic expenses just to keep your blog online.

There’s the domain and the hosting. I currently spend about £14 for my domain and £18 for hosting every year.

In addition to that I pay for the Jetpack plan that includes priority support, spam protection and off-site backups for WordPress. That costs an additional £33 per year.

Pictures are a big part of the blog so I also have the Adobe pack that cost £10 per month. Honestly if you’re not into photography like I am you can probably get away with using free software or/and editing apps on your phone.

The basics to keep on blogging come to about £5 per month. £15 if you are paying for the Lightroom and Photoshop monthly subscription.

As I do this as a hobby I am not really making any extra money from blogging so all blogging expenses are paid for by my 9 to 5 job.

When it comes to brand deals I have not looked into it properly as I honestly don’t like reading super commercial blogs that try to sell you something with each post. If I ever do it I want to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of my usual style.

I’d rather keep my blogging freedom and my 9 to 5 job than completely selling out to brands.

Of course if I find the right brands to promote and if I think you’ll get some value from it I will not have a problem writing about it.

Do you read blogs that promote brands all the time? Were you surprised with the costs of blogging? Leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Money and Blogging

  1. alxsoares says:

    Eu odeio ler posts onde o objectivo é vender algo, especialmente aquelas parcerias super repetitvas que parecem ser oferecidas a todos os blogs. Não me importava de fazer algum dinheiro com o blog mas isso requer muito trabalho e dedicação. Se um dia conseguir, óptimo, o certo é que não vou andar atrás de marcas para tal.


    • Ana says:

      A mim também me chateia um bocado e se forem muito frequentes perco rapidamente o interesse.
      Também nao tenho intencoes de andar atrás das marcas mas se acontecer tem de ser feito a encaixar-se bem no formato do blog.
      Beijinhos xxx

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