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How To Expertly Make Jaw-Dropping Dance Portraits

There are many great dancers, but the dancer that takes their art into excellence is rare. The same is true with dance photographer.

The beginning

While this article will address dance photography, let us share with you a little about the dancer. The reason for this is to show you that a lot of work and commitment goes into being a dancer. When the dancer who has worked their entire life learning their craft, it is beyond disappointing when the photographer was unable to capture their work.

Many parents put their child into dance as a social activity that keeps them in shape and gives them attributes that will stay with them all of their lives. The parents all believe in their children and some stay in the art and grow. Others find talents that they did not know they had, and grow in a different direction. For example, a child may love the gymnastics part of dance, and choose to pursue that instead of dance.

The parent that observes their child blossom when they are in dance recognize their child has a special gift.

You as a parent need to encourage your child and make sure you have all the dance supplies you need for your dancer.

Put them with professionals that will take their child as far as they choose to go.
This includes the best dance instructor.

Photo credit: Brett Sayles

The Photographer

The photographer is much like the dancer when learning his craft. All photographers can make good photographs. But there are those few that do not just take a picture. There are those who absorb the energy of the dance. They capture that special moment that others miss.

When you look at their photographs, you have to catch your breath. Their pictures take energy, light, and atmosphere into consideration. A normal picture freezes a moment so you can recall the event. The expert dance photograph takes you back to that moment. That moment when your dancer seemed to defy gravity. You remember the way it felt when for that moment in time, this was no longer your daughter, niece or friend. The photograph captures the moment when the person seemed to evolve into the dance, and was taking you along.

Photo credit: Jahaziel Rodriguez

What a great dance photographer needs

Photographers usually see the world in a different light than the rest of us. This is very important and with training and a lot of effort you can learn how to view things differently. The photographer trains to learn how to take pictures. The great photographer trains to enhance and grow the skills he has had since the day he picked up a camera.

Photographers need:

  • A professional grade camera system
  • Various types of training
  • A thick skin. There is a world of people and not all of them appreciate your art. Keep your emotions out of it. For everyone who doesn’t “get it” there are more that are swept away by your work
  • The ability to handle pushy, bossy, and stressed-out people
  • Agility to get in the right position at the right moment, you better be able to climb and squat
  • Be educated in man-made and natural lighting’
  • Patience
  • To notice the details and take the time to study the behavior of people in the room.

What makes a great dance photographer an excellent photographer, is the education and skills they have. It takes a lot of practice.

The dancer seems to control the elements around them. The photographer captures the elements.

* Featured image credits: Darcy Delia

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