My First Photography Meetup Outside of London

Last Sunday I left London and headed to Brighton for another photography meetup. This one was organised by the @uk.shooters in partnership with the British Airways i360.

British Airways i360 tower in BrightonJust in case you don’t already know the British Airways i360 is a 162-metre observation tower on the seafront of Brighton at the landward end of the former West Pier. The experience lasts about 25 minutes and the views are incredible.

I was super lucky to be able to get one of the 70 free tickets available for this meetup.

With the ticket I was able to go on the British Airways i360 with an awesome group of people. The pod was filled with all the photographers and models attending the event. There is a bar and we had our own “DJ”. Check out our group picture here.

Before we got to go on the British Airways i360 we spent some time shooting in Hove by the beach huts.

Models in this gallery are Georgia, Kat and Amy. Go show them some love on Instagram.

Here’s Georgia having fun in her roller-skates.

In this last gallery you have Ella and Dani.

Even though I spent more than four hours travelling that day I had a great time with some cool people and was pretty happy with the shots I got. It was worth being exhausted at the end of a Sunday and going to work on Monday like a zombie.

The model in the featured image with the smoke bomb  is the wonderful Ella Parsons. If you want to check out my first photography meetup, also organised by the @uk.shooters, check out this post.

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