Lensminds London meetup night scenery with the shard and blackfriars bridge

First Night Photography Meetup

Last month I attended my first night photography meetup! Honestly I am not super comfortable with taking pictures in low light conditions so I was not overly excited about this one.

On top of that I was a little hungover from being out the night before. Not feeling my best I still made it out of the house and headed to central London. Even surprised myself with that as all I really wanted was to stay in bed.

Again I went by myself which I always struggle with but soon saw some familiar faces and started chatting while we waited to move to the first location.

Usually I end up deleting about a third of the shots I take but this time I deleted more than half of them. Guess going out to shoot when you’re hungover is not ideal! But still I don’t regret attending as I ended up with a few shots I really love.

Models in the shots from left to right: NiaJade,  Deanna and Rashida

Even took some cool shots of London. I don’t usually feel very inspired to shoot this city as I feel all the shots have already been made but this time London looked so pretty I could not resist.

I don’t usually show you this side of the meetups but here are a few shots barely edited to show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes.

The awesome people in the above gallery are Esther, SandraDeannaNia, Reinold, Ashton, Nikolai, Matt, Shio and Rashida. I am not sure who the photographer in the first picture is, if you do please let me know and I will add him here.

This was my second meetup organised by the guys at @lensminds and I must say that these are becoming my favourite.

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