two old mout ciders and glasses on wooden table in a pub

Did my drink get spiked?

It was just another Friday at the pub. I was there with a friend celebrating my birthday (a late birthday celebration).

Just two women sat at a table engrossed in conversation in a busy beer garden.

Our first round of drinks suffered an accident as one bottle was dropped after an unknown male bumped into my friend. Luckily this drink was kindly replaced by the bar staff.

On our second round of drinks his friend approached our table to apologise on his behalf for the spilled drink. He then offered to buy us drinks to make up for the accident. It seemed like a nice gesture. We said yes.

Immediately we started having second thoughts about accepting a drink from a stranger. You hear all the horror stories on rape drugs around the world and it makes you weary of these situations.

Anything could have been added to the drink between the bar and the beer garden. We concluded it was not safe to drink it.

We didn’t want to be rude but we were not going to risk it!

For a couple of minutes we pretended to sip the drinks. Once we were done with acting while they watched us attentively we got up calmly with our drinks and headed inside.

As soon as we were inside we got into the ladies’ and poured both drinks down the drain! Empty glasses were left at the bar, we were safe.

I guess we will never know if those drinks had been spiked or not but we acted smart then and I’m proud of it.

Keep safe out there! This goes for men too as you can also be targeted, remember to never trust strangers with your drinks.

For more information on this matter visit the NHS page on drink spiking and date rape drugs.

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