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Deliveroo’s Bad Service

This is not my favourite subject to talk about but I think it is about time I speak out on the bad service that Deliveroo currently provides.

Still remember my first order with Deliveroo and how they were super punctual, to the exact minute! The food was at the right temperature and I really enjoyed the experience. Quickly I became a regular customer and tried a few different restaurants.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the service to become a little erratic with the occasional delay. But nothing major. More recently the delays became a constant and the riders could never find my house as their maps showed the wrong location! Nothing I could fix, I tried.

On one occasion the rider marked the order as delivered a good 10 minutes before it actually happened. I was already thinking my neighbours were going to enjoy a free dinner that night! Luckily I ended up getting my dinner. Just a little late.

The last one from Deliveroo’s “exceptional” service had me place an order to a restaurant that turned out to be closed! You would guess they would have contacted me soon after I placed the order to apologise for the glitch. If you thought that, you were wrong.

The order was placed shortly after 6pm for a 7.30pm delivery. When I checked the order status at 7.10pm it hadn’t been accepted by the restaurant yet. I then contacted the customer service via the live chat on the app to check what was going on. I was promptly told that the restaurant was closed but they had not been notified! Funny thing was that they didn’t take long to give me that information so it must have been showing somewhere on the system that the restaurant was closed.

Why did they have to wait for me to contact them?

A refund was done pretty quickly which was appreciated but the fact that I now had no dinner was compensated with a measly £5 credit. I didn’t think that was enough. I was HANGRY.

After giving up on Deliveroo I got myself to Domino’s as they are the safe option. Their delivery time was 90 minutes (during the England match) so I went to collect the pizza. It was just a 15 minute walk each way so not too bad.

Dinner was saved by Domino’s.

The next day I complained formally by email showing my dissatisfaction with the compensation amount and was told that it was indeed appropriate and fair so they would do nothing more than that.

I followed with a request to have my account deleted along with all my personal details they currently hold. Honestly I don’t even care about not using the £5 credit.

On Instagram I asked my followers if they had experienced any issues and one person told me that after having a meal delivered 2 hours late they were offered a compensation of £5 along with a cold meal. Lovely.

At work a friend of mine also mentioned she had several issues with Deliveroo. It doesn’t look like I am alone in this.

Also a quick Google search by “Deliveroo bad service” comes up with some horror stories and disgusting food pictures. As well as more information on how badly they deal with customer complaints.

After asking to delete my account I was given instructions on how to do that and was asked for a second chance by Andreia, a senior advisor at Deliveroo. I said I would be willing to do that if she sorted out my complaint. Quickly I got a response with an extra £15 compensation credit which I think is a fair compensation.

It’s unfortunate that it took 2 days and 3 advisors to have my complaint resolved but I am glad I’m done with it now. I will use the credit and give Deliveroo a second chance to make it right.

What are your thoughts on the customer service provided by Deliveroo?

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4 thoughts on “Deliveroo’s Bad Service

  1. Vani Sivakumar says:

    I am a pregnant lady , a student doctor and after a 13 hour gruelling shift, ordered at 9 am from deliveroo and the order came through for 9.45, so far so good. Looked at my order and then realised , they sent me meat dishes instead if veg as am a strict veg since birth. I called the restaurant and explained, called deliveroo and the cus service lady explained , it will be 11.05 for your order , was disappointed and told her I can wait, and imagine it is now 12 and when I called them they just said , restaurant is closed and we cannot do anything except for a refund and its midnight, all the other restaurants are closed and I have to be back to work in another 6 hours, thanks to the clock moving forward today for british summer times, may be the hormones but i actually cried. I know that no one will care and deliveroo will continue running with out making any difference , thats it no more deliveroo. I am now going to make sure that none of my family or friends use them, or rather start a campaign against them , this is really harassment.

    • Ana says:

      That’s an awful experience! Unfortunately Deliveroo doesn’t care. I would also cry if that was happening to me. Hope at least you got your money back. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

  2. Sebastien Fleury says:

    had 3 bad experiences with drivers not delivering or supposedly delivering to another address but you can never understand where the food was delivered or if it was really delivered….To me, Deliveroo drivers are so badly paid that once in a while they just all eat the food they are supposed to deliver and there is nothing you can do, customer service is just extremely poor and calling their customer service is actually worst than any other bad customer service i ever dealt with
    I am now cancelling my Deliveroo account and will jut go with Just eat or Uber eats,

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