london portrait shoot with Lottie blonde female model with yellow flower on hair and flower crown around her

Working with a Model

It feels like opportunities to do things for the first time keep happening! It can be a little overwhelming but I am trying to say “yes” more often.

I can be super shy around strangers so doing a shoot with a model on a one to one basis was quite daunting to me. This is the reason I hadn’t tried to arrange one of this to happen before.

On the 25th of May at 6am I got a message on Instagram from a model asking if I would like to collaborate. I did not know her but after a quick browse on her Instagram page I said “yes”! She found me through a model that attended one of the photography meetups I’ve been to recently.

Less than a week after her first message we were out in central London taking pictures in completely unplanned locations while getting to know each other. We had a lot of fun and also got some good shots out of our first session. Yes, we are already planning to go out again.

As a bit of a control freak not having the locations planned out was quite challenging but it all turned out great!

We shot inside an off license shop in the magazine section and managed not to get kicked out. Outside a church where some random guy proposed to her after saying he would take her on a date to McDonalds! In front of a shop window that had an amazing flower arrangement and the final location was inside Five Guys. At Five Guys we had the whole basement floor to ourselves so we felt right at home. We were only interrupted to be told off for sitting on the table.

Here are some of my favourite shots of that evening with Lottie.

Hope you loved them! I am already looking forward to more shoots like this one.

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