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My thoughts on Croatia

Earlier this month I landed in Croatia for the first time for a week of Birthday celebrations. The reason I chose this destination was mostly due to the incredibly cheap flights to Dubrovnik available for my dates.

As you might have realised by now I don’t usually stay in just one place when visiting a new Country. Croatia was no exception. In a week we stayed in 3 different places and explored a fair bit.

Our first base was just outside Dubrovnik in Lapad. The view over Dubrovnik on the way there was pretty impressive but not enough for me to fall in love with Croatia immediately. On our first day we were pretty dead (that’s what happens when you wake up at 2am to get an early flight) so we enjoyed the little swimming pool by our room and went for a walk in Lapad.

First struggle in Croatia came very soon, by dinner time. Bloody parking! We picked a restaurant not far from where we were staying but could not find any free parking. And we could not pay for parking as we had no coins. After more than half an hour looking for a free spot we parked in a dark residential area with unfinished buildings. It was not ideal but we were hungry. Thankfully nothing bad happened to the car.

The day we had to visit Dubrovnik it poured down! It was still a good day. Check all about it on my Birthday post. Parking tips included on that one. You’re welcome.

Third day it was time to move on to Orebic. Our next base. The drive there was pretty cool. Roads in Croatia are generally not bad. Only problem is when you need parking. Have I mentioned the parking issues yet?

Unlike my usual choice I booked a four star hotel here as I was really going for a few restful days. Big swimming pool, breakfast included and sea view from our room! Perfect.

Orebic is quite a cute little town by the sea. Parking is still pretty tricky around here so carry coins with you or leave the car in your accommodation. We parked in residential streets twice while we had dinner but on the third day the locals had a go at us and ruined our dinner parking spot! We didn’t understand a word so a kind lady passing by translated some of it. We ended up parking two streets down where we could not see any locals outside. On the last day we just left the car at the hotel to avoid the hassle.

If you find yourself in Orebic the best dinner spot is Konoba Andiamo. We felt like regulars there! On our last day he already knew what we were drinking. Pro tip: the starters are usually not that small so check the pictures on Google before ordering too much food.

While staying in Orebic we explored the beaches around the peninsula. Special mention to Plaza Mokalo and Plaza Divna as the best beaches in that area. Easy and free parking too (at least in early June).

As we were so close to Korcula and the weather was not amazing for beach time we decided to head there for lunch. It is just about a 20 minute boat ride away and less than £2 each way. The old town of Korcula is in my opinion more charming than Dubrovnik so definitely worth a visit. Again it poured down and there were thunders and lightning. Wasn’t even sure if the boat would make its way back but the weather cleared a bit after lunch so we were good to go.

Slano was our last base and where we fell in love with Croatia. It was our cheapest night at £29! The room was tiny but had a balcony, modern bathroom and was super clean. The sunset at the marina was unbelievably beautiful and walking around was super nice. There was even live music in the town center.

On our way to Slano we explored another couple of beaches. On the second one it poured again and there was heavy lightning right there in front of us. This tropical weather actually made our time in Croatia more fun even though it meant hiding inside the car or in front of shops to stay dry.

The beaches in Croatia are mostly pebble beaches so rubber shoes are recommended. I did not use those but I’m sure it would have been easier on my feet. Also please be aware of sea urchins! These are usually found in rocks so pay attention not to get hurt.

I ended up not taking my “big” camera out very often but here are a few shots I took in Croatia.

Final thoughts on Croatia? Dubrovnik is a little overrated, people are nice and most speak English, beautiful landscapes, good food and pebble beaches.

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