Dubrovnik old town little alley taken in Croatia

My Birthday in Croatia

Yes! Another year celebrating my birthday away, this time in Croatia. As I am planning to tell you more about this trip when I come back I am just filling you in on what I got up to on my birthday.

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen a few bits of what I got up to yesterday on my stories. But keep on reading as I am telling you all about it now!

Overnight there was a storm with thunders, lightning and strong winds that knocked down the chairs in our balcony! Early in the morning there was some sunshine but soon the heavy rain was back. It poured relentlessly for a couple of hours.

The plan was to visit the old town of Dubrovnik but that would be very difficult if the weather didn’t improve.

Thankfully there was a break in the sky and we managed to leave the room to head to Dubrovnik.

If you are planning to visit and are driving around you are better off parking in a public garage just outside the old town which will cost 30kn per hour. Bloody expensive but not as much as street parking at 75kn.

Walking to the old town was super nice and the cooler weather actually helped as the Sun in Croatia is quite strong.

Old town Dubrovnik is beautiful but super busy. Guess Game of Thrones being shot there doesn’t help!

After a light lunch we walked around a bit more.

Using the toilets cost 10kn (around £1.20)! Just say you are eating at the restaurant and you’ll get in for free.

On our way back it poured down again and we reached the car a little wet but it was fun and refreshing.

We drove around a bit to visit Tri Brata but discovered we couldn’t reach the beach on foot.

After a quick stop to buy breakfast and water in the supermarket we went back “home” to enjoy the swimming pool.

Restaurant More was the place I picked for my birthday dinner. It is inside a 5 star hotel and it is located by the sea. The waiters were amazing and so was the view. Food was just good but with the entertainment value of having the steaks cooked next to our table it was totally worth it. Desserts were delicious!

We stayed there for hours eating, drinking and talking. I had the best time on my birthday!

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