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Juggling Life

Juggling is not something I was ever good at as in no time most things would just hit the floor!

At the moment I am trying to juggle a few things in life and sometimes I get a little stressed with the possibility of failing at one or more of those things.

Guess I’m just struggling with organising all of it to ensure everything runs smoothly. I need to find a good work flow.

I am a super organised person and not having my photography folders perfectly in order is enough to cause a little stress. Might seem silly but it’s true.

At the moment I am getting two blog post out every week. I love writing these! Usually finalise them on Saturdays so that has been easy to manage. If I am away that gets a little more complicated but I might try to do them from my phone. Instead of writing them in advance or travelling with my laptop.

As the weather improves in London I have also been out shooting more often. This means more pictures to edit so more hours spent on the laptop.

On top of the edits from the meetups I am also trying to edit for stock photography. I upload mostly on Shutterstock.

Been trying to figure out where to take this blog and if I want to open it to brand deals or not. Also thinking about how to prioritise my time when it comes to photography and how to monetise that and still have fun with it.

Oh and of course I still have a full-time job so can’t really slack there.

Most importantly I need to ensure my personal life is my number one priority. If that bit is not right I can’t really do anything else properly.

Big thank you to my boyfriend for all the daily support in everything I do.

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