Lets talk about sex!

I’ll start by apologising for today’s blatant clickbait title! I’m actually writing about clickbait in this post, not about sex. Sorry.


noun informal

  1. (on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.
    “these recent reports of the show’s imminent demise are hyperbolic clickbait”

Clickbait titles are so widespread these days that you can even find it in traditional media. Even though I guess this has been a thing in the past too in the form of what were called sensationalist headlines.

It might be really annoying when the content is nothing to do with the title. Sometimes it will make you feel like a fool for clicking on it.

YouTube had a time where the clickbait was ridiculous. The titles were not even remotely related to the content of the videos! Thankfully nowadays this is not as bad.

With so much content on social media and online in general it is becoming harder and harder to get your audience’s attention.

I try not to use “clickbaity” titles on my posts as I like them to represent the content of the post but it’s a fact that when I do use it I get more clicks.

Most of you love a little drama (at least that’s what my stats tell me) and with this post I’ll find out how many of you want to read about sex 😀

What are your thoughts on clickbait? Should I use it more often?

As a final note I want to thank all of you that come back to the blog even when the title has no clickbait! I really appreciate you.

The model in the featured picture of this post is Skittlepop. Go show her some love on Instagram. I shot this picture about a year ago when I was starting to venture into taking portraits.

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