Being in a long-term relationship

As our anniversary day approaches I remind myself of how many years we’ve been together.

It’s a number that causes surprise every time I answer that question. Guess it’s not all that common to have been with someone this long. At least not at our age.

Now onto the subject in question here. How is it to be in a long-term relationship?

Most of the days it’s pretty easy. We know each other well which helps avoiding conflict and allows us to treat each other the best way we can.

You feel super comfortable with each other.

Another great advantage is the peace of mind that a stable and secure relationship offers to the people in it. You no longer have to invest a lot of time in figuring out the other person and that allows you the time and space to grow as an individual.

But of course as with most things in life it’s not all good.

One thing you will find very difficult to get in a long-term relationship is the “newness” factor, the excitement of when you’re getting to know someone in the very beginning of a relationship. Stomach butterflies are usually a thing of the past.

Of course you can try to get around this by doing new things together and being creative in the way you carry your relationship. However this can be challenging and you’ll fail at it if you don’t invest some much-needed time in keeping things exciting.

To be honest I think this is the main if not the only “disadvantage” of being in a long-term relationship.

What is the secret to a long-term relationship? I occasionally get asked this question.

In my opinion it’s quite simple, communication!

Communication is key. If we slack on that we’re likely to bump into problems at some point. And we won’t even know how to fix them because we won’t understand what exactly the problem is in the first place!

Almost every time we sit down for a meal and a long conversation I feel our relationship is in a better place. It’s a great feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Now I’m going out to enjoy Croatia a little more 🙂

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