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Photography Meetup Season

It looks like the “photography meetup season” is open! Along with the sunny days come all the photographers to enjoy all the light that is finally here after a long and dark Winter.

In London we do have depressing Winters. There is barely any daylight. To balance that during the Summer/Spring months we do enjoy very long days with plenty of daylight. This makes the city very inviting for photographers to shoot outside.

To celebrate all the light and make the most out of it (while it lasts) there are plenty of photography meetups happening.

Even though I have only started attending meetups in August last year I have already attended five of these. The last one was the first time I went by myself. It was last Saturday around Paddington and it was organised by a different group of people.

I was a bit hesitant about this one as I can be super shy and didn’t really know anyone. Still I got out of my comfort zone and headed there by myself. Once the group started moving I felt more relaxed and soon met some new people. It was cool to meet people I have been following on Instagram for a while and was also nice to chat in Portuguese for a bit.

Talking about getting out of my comfort zone… I even got to help a model by walking through the park to grab her crop top from inside her bag so she could change into it. Super glad no one questioned me while I searched her bag for the black lace top!

The models that attended were super nice and so were the photographers. We were blessed with a sunny day in London and many people enjoyed some drinks throughout the afternoon while the shoot was happening by the canals.

Here’s a couple of photographers going the extra mile (risking a dive in the canal) to get “the shot”!

And a few of the models.

In the gallery you can see Yami, Nick, Deanna, Soph, Liv, Matt, Valeria, Shio and Victoria. Please feel free to check out the models on Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed this post. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

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