I love nata coffee cup with cinnamon stick on the side in London

Out in London

Sunday We headed to central London for lunch. The plan was to eat at The Breakfast Club and have dessert next door at the new Portuguese café.

Even though Soho was pretty quiet and most restaurants were empty there was a one hour wait queue at The Breakfast Club! Oh well. Change of plans then. We tried the Bodeans in Soho instead. It didn’t disappoint.

Dessert was a “Pastel de Nata” and an espresso at I love Nata in Soho. The flavour was great but the filling was a little too runny. The service was so good I will definitely go back.

I had decided to take my old camera out as I didn’t think my new one was that much better and is a little heavier. Guess what? I was wrong. My old camera takes forever to focus and the battery doesn’t last as long either. Still got some decent shots. Please excuse the blurry ones.

We walked through Chinatown, Soho and went into Liberty (we were looking for toilets) before walking through Regent Street.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Let me know if you have any favourites.

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