Selfie silhouette reflection on window with sea in background making peace sign taken in Ericeira Portugal

Nothing to Moan About

Just got through this week like a zombie. As there was too much happening last weekend I didn’t have the energy to do much. For some reason I didn’t manage to sleep a lot either so not feeling re-energised just yet. Thankfully we get to enjoy a long and warm weekend in London.

Spent the week doing what I had to at work, editing pictures and watching a little TV. Despite the nice weather on Friday I couldn’t even get myself to go to the pub.

Saying all this not much has happened since the last post and honestly I cannot come up with something to “moan” about. Guess this is not a bad thing but it makes this post a little boring.

This weekend I need to keep editing all the pictures I have taken between Portugal and the last weekend and post some to sell online. Even though the weather is great outside I am sure many hours will be spent indoors catching up with all the laptop work.

As I don’t have many words for you on this Sunday post here are some pictures I have worked on recently.

The models in these shots are XeniaElla, Maria and Yami. If you are in London and want to shoot with me just send me a DM on Instagram.

Just in case you were wondering. In just over a month I will be going away again. Visiting Croatia for the first time. Super excited about that!

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