uk.shooters portrait meetup in canary wharf London with female model reflecting on mirror wall and smiling

I need another Weekend

Quite used to mostly restful weekends. That’s what this super cold months in London are good for anyway. It just feels good to be inside where it’s warm.

This weekend was different. I barely spent time at home!

Months without any photography meetups and then there were two in one weekend. On top of those a friend from Instagram that I hadn’t met before was in London for the weekend.

I didn’t want to miss out on any of that so now I feel a little tired. Didn’t even manage to write my Wednesday post during the weekend. But not to panic as I’m sorting that out last-minute and this post will be out in time.

Saturday I headed to Hyde Park for the Boosted Boards‘ meetup. There were loads of boards available to try but I was not brave enough to get on one of those. Even thought the weather wasn’t the best I got some shots.

In the pictures Mike representing the UK Shooters, Shio and Nikolai.

After the meetup I got on the bus to central London to meet Nat and her friend Sebastian. We have been exchanging messages on Instagram for a few years but only now we found ourselves in the same city at the same time. We walked around Soho until we found a place to sit down and have a drink.

Even though we had just met the conversation flowed easily. I really had a good time. Hope to see her again soon, next time maybe in Berlin.

Sunday after lunch at home I made my way to Canary Wharf for another UK Shooters‘ meetup (in partnership with Sony and Wex Photo Video hosted by the Novotel, Bokan and Canary Wharf). It was my first ticketed meetup and it was a good one.

After I got my badge we chilled at the hotel’s top floor until it was time to head out to shoot. The chosen locations were beautiful and the models amazing. We walked a fair bit so at the end of the day I was dead.

I am still editing the pictures but here are some I have already managed to edit.

The models in the pictures are Xenia, Shio and Ella Parsons.

It was a super busy weekend but I enjoyed it a lot. Bring on the next one so I can rest now.

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