pebbles at the beach in Deal

Deal Day

After a weekend mostly spent at home working, cleaning and resting I decided Monday we should leave the house. We don’t get to enjoy nice weather often in the UK so it’s always good to make the most out of it.

Sunday morning I spent a while browsing possible beach destinations for the Bank Holiday. Brighton is usually our go to destination for a beach day trip as train tickets are quite cheap. But I felt that would be boring and too busy on such a hot day.

Around lunch time I finally made my mind up and booked train tickets to Deal! A place I had never heard of. I thought this was a good thing as there was a chance it wouldn’t be crowded.

Thankfully I was right!

Two hour train ride away and with only one change, Deal was quite easy to get to. Just a little expensive at £89 return for two.

We had fish and chips for lunch (nothing amazing), visited the local castle, lounged on the long stretch of pebble beach and walked a lot. It was nice to spend time together and enjoy the sunshine. Fortunately it wasn’t as hot as in London otherwise walking would have been tough.

I’ll definitively be looking to explore other beach destinations around this area in the future. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Here are some shots of Deal.

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