Bad days at work

Bad days at work. Guess everyone has these once in a while. Guess they’re perfectly normal if not too frequent. But once you start crying or having regular nightmares about work it means it is definitely time for a change.

I’ve been through it all more than once before. It’s not cool and it messes up with your personal life. Unfortunately there are people that will enjoy making your life miserable or people that simply don’t know any better in most work places.

It’s up to us to get out of these situations to keep our mental sanity. I know it’s easier said than done but you need to at least keep trying.

Fortunately it’s been a while since I experienced anything like this. But when I see friends going through it I feel for them.

Sadly “bad people” are a little too common. In my opinion you either don’t care enough which means it doesn’t affect you or you need to get out of their circle. Every time I had any issues those were the only solutions that worked for me.

Talking things out with the people involved was tried too in some situations and even though I’m a big communication’s advocate when it comes to avoiding or healing conflicts it didn’t really work for me. It served more like a plaster (the ones that don’t stick properly). Not saying this approach never works, just saying it didn’t work for me in the past. Still think it’s sometimes worth trying. Unless you just don’t like your job. In that case just start job hunting now.

At the end of the day no one should have to work with toxic people. Life’s too short for that.

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