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I can feel it. My body aches in a weird way. I feel restless. It’s not a nice feeling and I just want to feel at peace with myself again. Can this feeling go away now? Please.

Thankfully I don’t feel like this often. I do try to go through life with as little drama as possible. This way I feel less anxious, more relaxed and generally happy.

Someone close to me not being well and a few other issues sent my anxiety levels through the roof.

Being “happy” is really my thing so I struggle to cope with being anything that is not “happy”.

I mentioned it before, I don’t like drama. Writing this now feels a little “dramatic”. Sorry about that! I’ll try to go back to our drama free posts ASAP.

Even if drama is good for the blog I’ll try to not do a lot of it.

It’s likely that this post will get to the blog after I get through this anxiety thing so please don’t bring this up in conversation. Written comments are always welcome.

Remember it’s OK to not be happy all the time.

As a final note give a listen to Invading Spaces by Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey. I listened to this podcast episode recently and loved it.

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