sesimbra hotel balcony beach view with palm trees taken in Portugal

What I got up to in Portugal

The holidays had a rough start. I was feeling ill since Thursday, surviving on painkillers on Friday and Saturday my temperature almost reached 39C! Thankfully the flight was in the afternoon so I took ibuprofen and waited for the temperature to drop. I could barely move and still had to finish packing.

Even though it wasn’t easy I made it on that flight to Lisbon!

Saturday we landed after 8pm, picked up our rental car and headed home for dinner. My mum had made chicken soup and “bacalhau”. We were starving. It was all delicious.

Sunday we had lunch with the in-laws and the nieces. The conversation flowed nicely and we had a good time. My mum had gone to our holiday home so we decided to join them in Ericeira. Dinner was take away piri-piri chicken. As my mum bought a foosball table we spent hours on it and had so much fun.

Monday was our admin day. We headed to the bank later than planned but made it. Unfortunately the services to renew the national ID card were packed so we gave up on it. Defeated we headed to the river for a delicious lunch.

Afterwards I managed to take a nap as I was still feeling like s***. In the meantime my boyfriend went to meet the new baby of one of our closest friends. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I didn’t want to give the baby whatever virus I had.

For sunset we headed to Amoreiras to go up to the panoramic viewpoint and take in the city from there.

Later we went back to Ericeira for more family fun playing foosball.

Tuesday we had a hotel booked for the night in Sesimbra. We explored the region and even hit the beach for a little bit. Later we had a lovely seafood dinner followed by quality time with friends. Totally unplanned as they were in the same city as us just by chance. So happy I messaged at the right time as the conversation was great. Luckily our hotel was next to the bar as we said our goodbyes at 3am!

Wednesday was time to check out. The hotel was great and I would totally stay there again. We had lunch at Meco by the beach after visiting Cabo Espichel. The drive back to Ericeira was long. We were tired and decided to just go out for dinner with my mum.

Thursday we had planned to see friends for dinner and theatre in Lisbon but as they cancelled on us we decided to skip Lisbon altogether and stayed in Ericeira. The afternoon was spent at Tapada de Mafra on a “safari” tour on an electric car. I really enjoyed it.

Friday‘s agenda was packed with family meals. Lunch with one of my cousins. The restaurant was a let down but the company was great. Dinner was at home in Ericeira with my brother and his fiancée. A lot of foosball fun went on!

Saturday was time to get back to London. It was raining which always makes it easier to leave. Quick stop to grab lunch before the airport and we were off to return the car and wait for our plane.

I am sorry I didn’t see all the kiddos this time but I didn’t think sharing my “bugs” with the little ones was a good idea.

It was nice being home. Now I am ready for the real holidays in June!

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