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Online entertainment offers are endless! I must confess I spend a lot of time consuming all sorts of content. Mostly audio books, podcasts, Netflix and YouTube.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

Audio books are still fairly new to me as I signed up to Audible not that long ago. Quite often I have bought a book there and didn’t really like it but thankfully you can return books easily.

Currently listening to The Idiot Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head Is Really up To and loving it. Learning a lot about how our brains work.

I recommend The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity by Esther Perel if you are into the psychology of relationships.

If you are a fan of Kevin Hart you might like I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons. I found it quite entertaining.

When it comes to podcasts I listen to them mostly at work. I am fortunate to have a job where I can do that. It actual helps me concentrate as it blocks the surrounding noise.

The app I use to listen to podcasts is Player FM (on Android) and I quite like it. There are tons of other apps out there for these so just pick your favourite.

Views is probably my favourite podcast! Maybe because I watch them on YouTube all the time. These are highly entertaining.

I’m Sorry Dad with cool interviews and random conversations. Another one I don’t usually miss.

Sex Talk With My Mom can be super funny. Totally recommend if you are into sex talks.

The Minimalists Podcast with conversations on minimalism and questions from their audience on how to live a minimalist life. They are quite cool and have great voices.

I listen to The Creative Exchange if I am interested in the guest. Cool interviews with YouTuber Sara Dietschy.

When I run out of podcasts or I need something I don’t need to really pay attention to I listen to The Breakfast Club. This is a US radio morning show that sometimes has interviews, listeners calling in and a gossip bit. It is mostly entertaining but can also be annoying as the presenters’ views are sometimes quite extreme.

If you speak Portuguese definitely check out Sem Barbas na Lingua. Great duo! Love this podcast.

Netflix is great but I do spend too many hours on it! Since I subscribed to it the amount of films and series they have produced is astonishing. Even though it is not all good quality content there is still a lot of good stuff to watch.

I was totally hooked on Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)! If you are not watching this you are doing life wrong. Already watched all episodes.

Also currently watching Designated Survivor and Riverdale as these are released weekly.

On the less known series you have The End of the F***ing World that is beautifully done, Atypical is great and The Sinner is a good one too, heavy but I really enjoyed it. And don’t forget Ozark, really cool series.

Stranger Things is that classic that I am sure you have already watched.

Two of my all time favourites are Suits and Power.

YouTube is another platform that I love and use on almost a daily basis to watch videos from my favourite creators and sometimes other random videos.

Casey Neistat is back to the daily vlogs and they’re quite good. If you are looking for action packed, super silly and extreme vlogs you need to subscribe to David Dobrik.

For beautiful travel content with great humour I watch Christian (Lost LeBlanc). Amazing sailing videos with Sailing La Vagabonde.

Photography and video tutorials by Peter Mckinnon are beautifully done and he has some cool friends that sometimes show up in his videos. Jessica Kobeissi delivers photography related videos in a light funny tone and she is great at it. James Popsys is hilarious, if you like photography and have a good sense of humor you should subscribe. Mango Street creates beautiful photography tutorials.

For funny videos in a Uber subscribe to Ryan Is Driving. Sometimes I watch KSI as his videos can be super funny.

Hope you found my suggestions useful. Let me know what content you are enjoying at the moment.

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