Mobile Phone Etiquette

Before I go on ranting about people using their mobile phones all the time and in all the places I must say I do use my phone quite a lot. Hopefully I have not used it in a disrespectful way to the people around me. Or at least not often…

In Portugal I noticed people were on their phones a lot. A big portion of that time is actually spent on phone calls. This is something that is not common in London. I believe most people here spend time messaging or on social media and not so much on calls. Or at least they keep the phone calls for their private time.

If messaging while with other people around you can be disrupting a phone call can completely cut off any communication with the people present in that same physical space.

Watching people cAsually picking up calls mid conversation at meal times left me quite puzzled and mildly annoyed.

I do use my phone at meal times to occasionally take pictures of the food. I am aware taking pictures of the food might be annoying but I try to do it as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that taking a picture also doesn’t mean I need to interrupt any interaction with the ones around me. I am OK at multi-tasking. Answering a phone call seems totally inappropriate to me. Unless it’s an urgent call.

With limited time for family and friends in Portugal I tend to keep my phone on silence. I was on it to use social media but didn’t receive or make any calls. Didn’t even text much.

As I saw everyone making and receiving calls all the time I had to question it. Apparently it is quite a normal thing. Couples call each other all the time for little nothings! For someone like me that has no need to be on the phone all the time with anyone I found this quite strange.

Even though I get that it is quite common for people to interrupt a conversation to answer a phone call I still think it is a big “faux pas” in mobile phone etiquette.

What is your opinion on this?

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