White Mercedes Benz

Living Below Your Means

As I write this I’m in a brand new white Mercedes visiting the beaches of Portugal.

No, I didn’t buy a fancy new car. It’s a rental that luckily got upgraded for free! From the cheapest diesel option available to a Mercedes. Less than 20 Eur per day. Thank you Sixt.

Riding in a flashy car made me think about people who live above their means.

It’s so common for people to get excited about a higher income and jump into a mortgage or a higher rent. All this without even thinking about the possibility of things not working out. No plan B.

Even if everything goes well and these decisions are within their means it sometimes leaves no room to breathe. No room for the unpredictable or for small luxuries.

I enjoy living below my means. It leads to me being less anxious about money. It feels comfortable. And it allows me to indulge in the things I love the most whenever I feel like it.

This ties in with everyone’s own priorities and their own way of managing money. More on my priorities here. What are your views on this?

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