I am in Portugal

I am in Portugal and I have left my laptop at home in London! Even though I was planning to take my laptop with me I have just realised (the week before, at the time I am writing this post) that it would take up too much of my time. Honestly not feeling like spending hours on my laptop. Not when I can just be in the moment enjoying Portugal.

Even though I love working on my laptop when I am at my mum’s new house! There is something special about working on a long wooden table by the terrace with a sea view.

Once I get back I will have enough time to come back here and write to you guys about all the stuff I got up to during the week. In the meantime there is Instagram! I intend to post stories frequently while in Portugal. This way you don’t miss me too much.

This time I am not going alone so I am quite excited about traveling. And a lot less anxious!

We have plans for pretty much every day and might even be filming some of it. If my boyfriend isn’t feeling too lazy we will get a YouTube video at some point in the future. I have booked theater tickets and a visit to the 360 panoramic view of Lisbon. We will also be spending a night in Sesimbra so we get two days of driving around the area. The last couple of days will be spent in the best house in Ericeira.

If the weather allows it we will also spend time sunbathing at the beach, on the terrace or at the hotel infinity pool!

I realise we will be running a pretty tight schedule with all we have planned to do in just a few days but still we will try to spend some quality time catching up with friends and family.

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