FOMO is a fairly recent concept. Usually used in an online context. When you stress out because you feel you might be missing out on whatever might be going on online. Mostly on social media. I realised I felt this when I left social media back in January. But after a while that feeling did go away and I didn’t think about what I might be missing out on anymore.

At the moment I have Snapchat and even Instagram is back on my phone but have no Facebook or Facebook Messenger. I really enjoy the Instagram stories. I am only following a few accounts now so I find I don’t spend a lot of time on Instagram anymore. If you tend to spend a lot of time on social media I totally recommend you take a break. I didn’t have Instagram on my phone for 3 months and survived just fine.

anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

early 21st century: abbreviation of fear of missing out.

Even though FOMO is usually mentioned in relation to social media it also happens in real life (IRL). I have suffered from this badly a few years ago when I hated to miss any Friday night out. Gradually I went out less and less and escaped the FOMO IRL cycle and finally got back to enjoying quality time at home on Friday nights.

These days I just go out whenever I feel like it or when there is a special occasion and honestly it doesn’t really happen a lot. Maybe I am getting old and don’t really fancy a two-day hangover often.

Last week there was a birthday and I was not planning to attend as I was not feeling it. So I had decided to go to the pub for a couple of drinks after an event at work and then go home. Suddenly seeing everyone getting ready to go to Camden I felt like I would be missing out by not going. I went against my plan and got in a Uber to Camden. The journey was loud in a car full of women. I felt sorry for the driver and happy I did not order that Uber (I like having a good rating on the app).

After an OK drunken night out in Camden I struggled to get home. Totally forgot it wasn’t the weekend (just bank holiday eve) which means no night tube! I don’t really mind the night bus so walked to the bus stop. Unluckily the bus was so packed it didn’t let anyone in. Leaving me with another half an hour wait. Uber pool failed and Uber X was on price surge!

in real life (used in video games, online contexts, etc. to refer to social interaction in the physical world).

Need to be better at realising when I am doing things just for the FOMO and not do them if that’s the only reason why I am doing it.

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