April Fools’

No, I am not moving to Sri Lanka. At least not anytime soon. I came up with it as I am quite tired of the Winter and thought it would be nice to live in a sunny place. Also I had been watching Jon Olsson’s vlogs from his time in Sri Lanka which made me miss that beautiful country a little more. The picture on the post was actually shot by me when I was in Sri Lanka for work. Hope you liked it.

It was the first April Fools’ of the blog since I started writing in English so I thought I would make an effort and actually come up with a “joke” for my readers. Also I post on Sundays and this year the 1st of April was on a Sunday so I kind of had to do it. Hope you are not mad at me.

I found it interesting that so many of you actually clicked the link to the post. The reach on Facebook doubled and in one day the blog had the same amount of visits I usually get in a week!

Now I see why YouTubers go on about “Big Announcements” in their video titles. I guess most people want to see life changing events and crazy or unexpected things happening. Shame I cannot deliver that to you in every post. But please keep coming back for my travel adventures, random thoughts, photography packed posts and the occasional rant.

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In other news I got back to having Instagram on my phone. If you want to see some not that interesting Instagram stories go give me a Follow.

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