Viral on YouTube?

Back in September 2016 I was terrified with my upcoming tonsillectomy but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a good few days in Crete. It was my last holiday before I went to sleep on general anesthetic for the first time and I am super glad it was not my last one!

When I was recovering I got quite bored of watching Netflix so I dedicated a lot of my time to editing all the footage we had from our time in Crete and put together a decent holiday video (I think).

This is my most viewed video on YouTube! Hope you enjoy it too if you haven’t watched it yet.

I know it seems like I don’t have a lot of content on my YouTube channel but this is because I decided to keep most of my videos exclusive to the blog. Which means you can only see them if you have the link. Also I haven’t really had the will to make videos recently. Video editing is super time-consuming and it is not often that I am doing things that lead to good content.

Crete is an amazing place and I would definitely recommend you visit if you can! Unfortunately flights to Greece are not that affordable these days. I wanted to go explore some new Greek islands this year but don’t really fancy spending a fortune in flights.

I have written a few posts on the blog about our time in Crete if you would like to know more about the island:
Planning the trip
Kissamos and Balos
Elafonisi and Kedrodasos
The end!

Can’t wait for Summer to be here so I can go explore some new places in decent warm weather!

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