Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is so rare that I still find it hard at times.

This time I decided to go visit my mum as soon as possible to spend some quality time with her. As flights get more expensive every day booking this visit was time sensitive. I didn’t want to spend a fortune for just a long weekend at home. As I said before everything was booked within a couple of hours so I managed to get a good deal for a last-minute getaway.

When I was doing that I didn’t really think it through. The truth is I do struggle being away from my boyfriend. If I have an activity packed holiday I manage just fine as my mind is busy. But this time I was mostly chilling at home as the constant rain did not allow for a lot more than that. That made it a little more difficult and I did miss him more than usual.

The day I got to Lisbon started at 3am! Flight was delayed and after 4 hours inside the plane I was already starting to feel tired. Still managed to run some errands with my brother and do the shopping for Saturday dinner. Lunch was at a local restaurant we love and we stuffed our faces like little pigs. At home we chilled until it was dinner time. We had fondue. I had a good time but was half dead for the most of it and really wanted to get some sleep.

Sunday morning there was a break in the skies and it didn’t rain until lunch time so we got to visit MAAT (a relatively new museum by the river). It’s stunning outside but there’s not a lot to see or do inside. Good thing we visited on a free entrance day. After a short shopping spree we had lunch at the “local” shopping center and headed home to chill afterwards. We ate so much for lunch that dinner was just chicken soup.

Monday morning was chilled at home while it rained outside. My mum cooked one of my favourite dishes for lunch and with my belly full I headed out with a friend. Luckily it didn’t rain anymore that day! We hit some of the touristy spots by the coast, had a drink at a cool bar, took a few pictures and had dinner by the river. The conversation was flowing all day and I had a really good time.

Tuesday was spent with my mum. We left the house in the morning to run some errands, had breakfast in Belém, walked along the river with the dog and had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. I might have had a bit too much sangria and we had a lovely time together. Before heading to the airport I mostly chilled at home.

On the flight back I watched a movie on my phone (thanks Netflix for having downloadable options) and it was great having an empty seat next to me. Luckily on arrival I didn’t have to rely on public transport as my friends are the best and I got picked up from the airport.

Looking forward to going away again but next time with my boyfriend!

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