Social Media Update

Some of you might remember that I cut down on social media for the month on January. This was an experiment to find out how I would cope without it and what difference it would make on my everyday life.

I have posted about it by the end of that experiment to share with you how that went. Now over a month after I was “allowed” to go back on it, what actually happened?

Facebook and Instagram have not made their way back to my phone yet. Sometimes I still forget I don’t have those on my phone! Usually remember I don’t when I want to look for someone on Facebook or show something I have seen on those platforms to someone else.

When I have my laptop on I occasionally open Facebook for a quick scroll through my feed or to just post something from the blog. Honestly I don’t think I am missing out at all by not going through my feed more often. Facebook gives me all this random stuff I don’t really care about to look at in my feed. Also I find that many people don’t really use Facebook a lot these days. Guess the main purpose of Facebook is to just “keep in touch” with more people via the Messenger function.

Instagram was my favourite social media platform. Unfortunately all the algorithm changes and the stupid amount of advertising on it makes it really unpleasant to use. I loved the fact that I could go through posts chronologically and keep up to date with everyone’s content. Now that is not possible. They make you play all these “algorithm games” just to get your content seen by the people who already follow you.

My patience for Instagram has ran out. Even though I thoroughly enjoy their copy of Snapchat I am keeping it on my tablet only. This means I only check it every now and then and only when I’m at home. Again I don’t really feel like I’m missing out. I feel that I could actually delete it entirely. The only reason why I don’t do that is because of the photography meet ups. Instagram still is the place where those get announced and where you can connect with most of the photography people.

Also I have unfollowed loads of people on there to make sure I am only seeing relevant content when I do go on it. If I have unfollowed you please do not take it personally. To be honest I did not give it much thought when I was doing the unfollows. I might even do a little more of that as 100 and something accounts still feel like a lot to keep up with.

So far the only social media platform that made its way back to my phone is Snapchat! This is one of the few popular platforms that is not owned by Facebook and I appreciate that. Also their filters are the best. As discoverability is not great in Snapchat this means I only really follow people I know in real life.

Even though many people are unhappy with the new Snapchat update I think it is not that bad. I enjoy being able to clear conversations easily (this will take that person off your screen until they post again), mute stories that I am not interested in or switch off notifications individually. The big downside to Snapchat is that it really drains my phone’s battery.

The latest addition to the Social Media apps is Vero which I have been trying out. I can totally see it replacing Facebook and Instagram. For now the app is sometimes slow as the platform has been growing super quickly but I am sure they will resolve that soon. A social app with no ads and no silly algorithms feels like a breathe of fresh air!

Come join me on Vero! You can find me by searching the hashtag #theworldbyana. No, this is not a sponsored post, I am just enjoying this new app and wanted to share that with you.

Outside of the internet world I still find that I get more time to be present in the moment and that feels great!

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