On a Schedule

I have committed to posting twice a week on the blog. You can count with new posts on Wednesdays and Sundays at 6pm. This is mostly to keep myself accountable and to avoid simply not writing whenever I am feeling lazy.

Surprisingly I have kept it going and have not failed one single post yet.

Might seem like an easy feat but when you have a full-time job, a boyfriend, photography as a hobby, Netflix and love to travel free time is not always abundant. Some posts take me an hour or two to draft but others take more than a day!

Finding the time to get visually rich posts or ones that require some level of research out there is not always possible.

When I am traveling I don’t always want to carry my laptop as it adds extra weight to my hand luggage. On my last break I left it at home and opted to write a couple extra blog posts before going away instead of writing them in Portugal. If I am getting a car at the destination I prefer to take the laptop as it is handy to edit the pictures I am taking and also to write about what I am up to while away. I find that it helps keeping the content fresh.

Saying all this I thoroughly enjoy the process of writing on the blog. Sometimes I even find myself thinking about writing more often.

With all the social media platforms and their ever-changing rules it’s great to have my own platform where I am the one making the rules.

I have been trying to figure out if changing up the schedule would help with the creative process in any way. Could always go back to not having a set schedule but I like the fact that you know when to pop in here for a new post.

Not going to lie, post topics don’t always come easy. Even though I have a list of possible topics I only write about something when I’m feeling it.

Let me know your thoughts. Does having a schedule even matter to you as a reader?

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