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Being born in Portugal means that in some way you are likely to be exposed to religion throughout your life.

I was no different. My grandparents were quite religious so as a child I believed in God too. I would pray to have good weather on my birthday!

As I started getting older more questions popped up. I wasn’t happy blindly believing in something that didn’t make much sense. My mum always allowed me the space to make my own mind up about religion. I thought that was great. I wasn’t even baptized as my mum didn’t think she should make that decision for me or my brother.

Not getting the reasoning behind religion and believing in God I just lost interest in the subject and carried out my life just considering the “real” things around me.

Even though I respect people believing in some sort of God I find it a little annoying when they try to get me to believe in it too.

It’s the weekend I don’t want strangers ringing my bell to tell me about God! Only Domino’s and Deliveroo should be ringing that bell.

At work I don’t want to be invited to church (unless you’re getting married). Or at least I don’t want it to be followed by a roll of questions about me not believing in church or God. Questions that made it seem like you believe something is not quite right with me. And no, I don’t want to think about it. It almost made me ask back some of the same questions, ask why you believe. Is it a family thing? But I had work to do and didn’t think it was the place for a long discussion about religion. So I let the conversation end by saying thank you for the invitation.

At a later time when discussing the religion subject with someone else she tells me that she feels it separates people so she chose not to be religious. Giving me the example of not being able to marry someone from a different religion.

I found this so interesting because it would have not been an issue in Portugal where there is not a great variety of religions. You are not likely to find someone to marry of a different religion so it is not a very common “problem”.

Growing up in a city like London that makes a lot more sense and rejecting religion due to it being a segregation factor is quite inspiring.

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