What a Monday

Monday was tough.

First of all I don’t really like moving so when I was told I have to relocate to a new desk later in the day I was not thrilled. But as I knew it was going to happen at some point I just had to deal with it and try to get an OK new desk.

I was pleased to be able to have a window desk as I enjoy the daylight and having more room for my stuff on the windowsill. So things were going fine.

When I moved to the new desk there were loads of things left behind. Rubbish on the floor and dusty things on the windowsill. The guy did not bother picking any of it up even after having me asking him to check it. He left me to do whatever I wanted with all the crap left behind. Nice. What a gentleman.

As I like to keep my working environment clean and tidy I started cleaning my new desk. I found wrapping paper in little pieces all over the desk and started wiping it. It was then that I realised that there were also mice droppings all over the desk! I get the mice issues, I have had them before in the work place but working at a desk full of mice droppings?! That is just disgusting.

Funnily enough I had never seen any mice droppings around my desk before and I was not sitting that far. This was probably because we kept it tidy and relatively food free.

Maybe I am being naive but I find this type of behaviour absolutely shocking and inadmissible in a shared space. The same goes for people who don’t wash their hands after doing their business in the toilet. And no, sprinkling your fingers with water does not count! Please use soap.

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2 thoughts on “What a Monday

    • Ana says:

      Nao tenho grande escolha! Mas já limpei tudo a fundo várias vezes. E eu até tive gerbos e estava habituada a limpar a porcaria deles mas faz-me confusao alguém trabalhar naquelas condicoes.

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