Planning my Birthday

My birthday is coming up in June and I am not about to spend it in London so I have already started planning my birthday trip for this year.

Last year I celebrated my birthday in Copenhagen. That was a little different as I usually pick a beach destination but I loved it and even visited some beaches not far from the capital.

This year I fancied going back to a beach destination and was thinking about the Greek islands. For my 30th I was in Milos and absolutely loved it. As I am only going away for a week I was looking for a place with direct flights from London and was planning to go to Mykonos.

Unfortunately the flight prices were a little high at almost £400 return for two! That made me go back to Skyscanner to look for a cheaper destination. Croatia had some decent priced flights and we had been meaning to visit Croatia.

Before setting the destination in stone I quickly browsed for car rental and accommodation prices to ensure staying there wouldn’t be super expensive. Both were surprisingly cheap so the decision was made.

The dates were picked based on the flight prices and once we got the time off approved I bought the flights. £160 return flights for two to Dubrovnik booked in the end of January.

Yesterday I booked accommodation for the 7 nights and my boyfriend sorted out the car rental.

As we want to explore the area as much as possible I ended up booking 3 different places. Dubrovnik will be our house for the first couple of nights. I will be spending my birthday there. After that we are driving a couple of hours North to Orebic and staying there four nights in a 4 star hotel by the beach. If we get the chance we might get the 15 minute ferry to Korcula. The final night will be in Slano just so we don’t have to do a super long drive to the airport.

Accommodation booked has a free cancellation policy (in case I change my mind) and came to £500 for the 7 nights. The car rental without additional insurance was less than £70!

Both travel and car rental insurance are on annual plans so we don’t have to do it every time we go away and it turns out cheaper this way.

So far we have spent about £730 on flights, accommodation and car rental for a week in Croatia. With the advantage that we know where we are staying and planned it according to what we like to do. I wouldn’t be able to deal with package holidays that don’t tell you where exactly you are staying!

If you have been to Croatia and have some tips on things to do and see around the spots I am staying at please let me know!

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